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RedPrairie Corp. is based in Atlanta, Georgia and manages over 25 international offices delivering services to about 60,000 customer sites in more than 50 countries. The company has put its self described commerce in motion for the world's leading companies for over 35 years. RedPrairie created its reputation in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and then evolved into transportation, workforce management and multi-channel retail execution. The company has been recognized by logistics and IT trade journals as a leader in supply chain execution software systems.

RedPrairie began in 1975, by Jim McHugh and Doug Freeman under the name McHugh Freeman & Associates. The company's initial success was in the automation of storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) for warehouses and distribution centers. After being acquired by Alvey Holdings (later Pinnacle Automation) in 1989, McHugh Freeman (RedPrairie) continued to grow its offerings and become a pioneer in full featured Warehouse Management Systems. Their clients included marquee names such as Procter & Gamble, Compaq Computer, Pepsi-Cola and Nabisco.

By 1998, the newly named McHugh Software International had acquired other software companies extending their supply chain software offerings to transportation management and workforce management. The company also started growing internationally with locations in the UK and Europe. The company then renamed itself to RedPrairie in 2002 and continues to acquire other software makers as they expand their leadership in the supply chain execution systems market. Acquisitions since 1996 include:

  • 1996 Weseley Software—Transportation Management Software
  • 1998 Software Architects, Inc. (SAI)—Warehouse Management Software
  • 1998 Gagnon & Associates—Work Force Management Software
  • 2004 LIS—Warehouse Management Software
  • 2005 RangeGate—Retail-to-Store Home Delivery
  • 2006 ALTA (from H-P)—Build-to-Order Manufacturing Planning
  • 2006 MARC WMS—Warehouse Management Software
  • 2006 StorePerform—Retail Execution
  • 2007 GEOCOMtms—Fleet Management Software
  • 2010 SmartTurn—Inventory and Warehouse Management Software
  • 2011 SofTechnics—Retail Inventory Management Software
  • 2011 Shipper's Commonwealth—Transportation Management Software
  • 2011 Escalate Retail—All Channel Retail Commerce

RedPrairie's aggressive growth strategy is based on acquisitions and internal development which collectively bolster their core WMS and TMS offerings, and increase their expansion into new markets.

In 2005, Red Prairie was acquired by Francisco Partners and then in 2010 by New Mountain Capital; both of which are private equity firms. In 2010, the company moved its headquarters and key executives from Milwaukee WI to Atlanta GA. The Milwaukee office continues to operate and add employees. Red Prairie reported revenues of $261 million in 2009, $300 million in 2008 and $254 million in 2007.

The focus for the rest of this RedPrairie supply chain management software review is on the core WMS and TMS offerings for their larger, and generally more sophisticated clients with demanding and complex needs.

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