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OM Partners Technology Review

Given OM Partners history in math and the job requirements their software engineers need to demonstrate, mathematical algorithms are critical elements that make up their Supply Chain Planning software solutions. What is not clear, from the information OM Partners made available, is what makes up their underlying software architectural structure. There is evidence of an object oriented programming approach based on the programming languages used; but, there is no evidence that OM Partners utilizes an SOA type architecture similar to what most leading Supply Chain Planning vendors have to support robust integration, shared data modeling, business planning, processing rules and many other SOA features. Further evidence that OM Partners does not have a robust architecture capable of supporting the rigorous demands of modern Supply Chain Management requirements is that customers do not select OMP’s suite as a the main platform for their Supply Chain Planning systems; typically it is more commonly used to augment SAP and other SCP or ERP solutions. The OM Partners Plus suite is fully integrated improving the usability factor.

Software Technology

Much of OM Partners software is based on Microsoft technologies, such as Windows Operating Systems, and utilizing object oriented languages C++ and Java. Currently database support is only provided for Oracle 10g, and 11g. OM Partners is in the process of building support for MS SQL Server. The company does provide support for or adapts to other middleware solutions including Microsoft’s Biztalk, SAP’s PI, Oracle’s Fusion and other ERP and similar applications.

Integration Technology

Again, there is an absence of information that demonstrates support for an underlying SOA architecture, and plenty of information suggesting that OMP Plus typically gets plugged into other Supply Chain Planning solutions; thus OM Partners is in the position of depending on other non-OMP technologies to address integration requirements with the rest of the supply chain ecosystem. The company does state that they are either certified or support most of the major Supply Chain Planning and ERP SOA solutions, and they provide a data mapping tool with different templates to better facilitate some of the integration efforts.

Customization Technologies

OM Partners Plus has very flexible configuration options, and their OPAL macro language can be used to customize views, automate processes and other customizations. Any required customization to the base code would likely require a customer to contract OM Partners for modifications to middleware or source code.

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