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OM Partners Review


OM Partners Strengths and Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the Supply Chain Planning software market is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

OM Partners Strengths

  • The OM Partners Plus software suite is tightly integrated from demand planning to detailed production scheduling with a standard interface for all functionality. The tight integration between planning levels supports sophisticated order promising such as ATP and CTP.
  • OM Partners Plus does a very competent job of addressing the different variations or categories that make up process manufacturing. The solutions are functionally robust and meet the planning needs for the wide range of industries making up process manufacturing, including food, beverage, glass, metals and pharmaceuticals.
  • The company maintains a deep industry domain of expertise and has strong professional services. Customer feedback is generally positive; customers like the functional depth and expertise that OM Partners brings to their industry vertical specific needs.
  • The company knows how to leverage their heritage and expertise to optimize the planning and scheduling requirements for complex process manufacturing.
  • OM Partners has an off the shelf integration module to support companies using SAP as their ERP software solution.
  • The supply chain planning software is relatively easy to configure and in many situations, their customers are able to configure much of the application and not rely on the vendor to make changes.

OM Partners Weaknesses

  • OM Partners lacks a recognized brand name within the supply chain planning software industry. The company is in the early stages of expanding their geographic coverage and still needs to build up their presence outside of Europe, especially in the U.S. OMP has been making progress over the last 3 years.
  • Many of the OM Partners software deployments are limited to a supporting role for another SCP solution. OM Partners solutions often become sub components for SAP, Oracle and other SCP vendor solutions.
  • The company is small and supports customer implementations through their own service organization. This limits partnerships with third party service providers thus limiting customer options for system integration support.
  • Outside of process manufacturing, OM Partners has limited value. The company will need to expand their functionality for discrete manufacturing and build an SOA platform to compete as a full featured SCP solution.
  • The company generally lags in its support of disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobile, social, big data and customer experience.
  • The user interface (UI) lags more progressive supply chain software solutions which better leverage consumer technologies for an improved user experience.
  • OM Partners doesn't offer an ecosystem of pre-integrated third party solutions like some other supply chain software vendors.

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