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Global Trade Management

Supply Chain Network Design

This OM Partners approach addresses three strategic variables: 1) the optimum product profile, 2) network assets (nodes, equipment, outsource partners, etc.) and 3) allocation of product lines and volumes to network nodes. Supply Chain Network Design helps a company with make or buy decisions while optimizing cost, price and margins.

Sales & Operational Planning

The OM Partners S&OP feature is fully integrated with their operational planning, demand forecasting and scenario management solutions. Some of the supported features, in addition to balancing demand & supply, include workflow, customer allocations, value base optimization and KPI measurements. The supply chain software seems to be missing a financial component needed for evaluating working capital needs and determining the best use of available funds.

Sourcing Material and Components

Sourcing features focus on high level strategies to help determine outsourcing versus insourcing to achieve optimal financial benefits and negotiations with suppliers. Detail sourcing features, such as reverse auctions and online catalogs, will need to be addressed with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or other software solution.


OM Partners does not provide a procurement module; supply planning and optimization is addressed in their planning solutions. For full feature procurement solutions, customers will need to use their ERP software or another solution.

Distribution, Replenishment and Fulfillment

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Make to Stock (MTS), customer orders, campaign planning and managing supply chain constraints are integrated with Planning and S&OP modules.

Inventory Optimization

Network Design, S&OP and Master Planning can be used to set safety stock and use performance simulations to evaluate optimal inventory levels. Several inputs are taken into account for evaluating optimal inventory levels including: service levels, lead time, lead time deviations, forecast and forecast errors.

Supplier Performance

OM Partners supplier performance is on the light side when compared to the full featured Supply Chain Planning solutions from other vendors. A limited level of performance evaluations can be cobbled together with features from other modules and reporting tools. The company does not provide a full featured supplier performance module to manage and evaluate performance based on established compliance criteria.

Collaboration and Supply Chain Visibility

Some collaborative features are built into the forecasting, planning and S&OP modules. However, when it comes to meeting their requirements for collaboration and visibility within the supply chain ecosystem, customers should rely on another Supply Chain Planning or ERP software suite from a vendor that has a best practice SOA platform.


OMP does not provide a WMS or TMS functionality.

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