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Founded in 1990 and based in Atlanta GA, Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH) is a business software leader in supply chain execution systems. The software company has concentrated almost exclusively on helping companies streamline their supply chains to achieve efficiencies and cost savings. To maintain their leadership position, the Manhattan Science Advisory Board brings together their PhDs and supply chain management (SCM) experts with industry thought leaders and researchers from outstanding academic institutions, such as Columbia University, Georgia Tech and MIT, to share advances in the underlying science, address new economic developments and identify opportunities for improvement.

Manhattan Associates first warehouse management (WM) software product, initially referred to as PkMS, propelled the company to a Warehouse Management System (WMS) market leader position. The Warehouse Management software is now called (take your pick) WM for IBMi, Warehouse Management for iSeries or WMi, and runs on IBM's iSeries platform, catering to customers seeking IBM hardware and infrastructure. Since then the company has added two additional Warehouse Management software products. One is positioned for the small to midsize business (SMB) and is part of their SCALE software built on Microsoft.NET technologies. Warehouse Management Open Systems (WMoS) is the company's flagship WMS, addressing the needs of larger and more sophisticated customers. WMoS current version is built on Manhattan's SCOPE technology platform that also includes a transportation management solution.

Manhattan's WMoS closest software competitor is RedPrairie's WM/D, and both are at the top of their game with the deepest and broadest Warehouse Management System functionality. Both also continue to advance their software products, addressing the features required by the largest and most complex customers.

With the acquisition of, Manhattan Assoc. acquired a Transportation Management System (TMS) called Transportation Lifecycle Management. Evant was acquired in 2005, expanding Manhattan's supply chain management software into planning, forecasting and inventory optimization. Despite these two acquisitions, Manhattan is more inclined to drive innovations in-house, unlike many other warehouse management software (WMS) vendors that opt to grow through acquisition.

Manhattan Associates makes significant R&D investments, dedicating over $40 million in product research in 2010. The same year the company's revenues were $297 million while the company has since achieved about a 10 percent growth rate. For prior years, the company's revenues have been below their highest revenues of $338 million in 2007. Manhattan has remained profitable with a strong balance sheet. Virtually all 2,000 employees work directly with Manhattan's 1,200 customers through research and development, training, implementation, professional services and ongoing support.

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