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HighJump Software Review


HighJump Software Strengths and Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the Supply Chain Execution software market is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

HighJump Strengths

  • HighJump specializes in Supply Chain Execution with their strongest area of expertise in Warehouse Management Systems.
  • HighJump uses a fourth generation language toolkit to permit flexible modification to the core business processes and feature sets making Warehouse Advantage agile and flexible.
  • HighJump Software was one of the first vendors to offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud based Warehouse Management System deployment.
  • Because of the end user’s ability to configure some functionality, Warehouse Advantage may require less IT support than the other top tier Supply Chain Execution solutions.
  • HighJump uses an Apple like app store that allows customers to take the features they need and avoid the traditional suite that includes features that are not needed.

HighJump Weaknesses

  • Warehouse Advantage does not provide a system integrated process and workflow tool that systemically works with their business process design tool.
  • Warehouse Advantage lacks the robust features for high volume e-Commerce fulfillment operations that include active pick, active replenishment, unit sortation and parcel manifesting.
  • ODTMS lacks the features required in complex international transportation operations that include transportation procurement, fleet management and international support.
  • Much of the HighJump Software platform is limited to Microsoft’s Windows operating system for applications and Microsoft’s SQL Server and Oracle Database. Customers can deploy the Oracle database on a Windows, UNIX or Linux platform.
  • Compared to supply chain execution competitors, HighJump has less appeal to large enterprise organizations that lean towards open systems, JAVA and platform customization; HighJump has more appeal with smaller and midsize companies having more modest IT resources.
  • HighJump Software is small, with only 260 employees, compared to their major competitors and has limited resources to provide support for clients with international operations.

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HighJump Software Review



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