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HighJump Software Review


HighJump Supply Chain Management Offerings

Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solutions are HighJump’s area of expertise and, most notably, their 3 WMS products: a top tier solution, a solution for light Warehouse Management System needs and a cloud based solution that reduces IT overhead. Ancillary to Warehouse Management Software, are Labor Management, Yard Management and Performance Management software products. Other Supply Chain Execution solutions include a transportation management system (TMS), an e-commerce data exchange (EDI), a manufacturing execution system (MES) and a direct store delivery (DSD). About eighty percent of HighJump’s business is in North America, with the balance equally divided between Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Warehouse Management Systems

HighJump’s top tier Warehouse Management System solution is named Warehouse Advantage. The application software is a flexible and agile solution best suited for customers who want to own and support the functional configurations with minimal technical support. HighJump has built in support for automated material handling equipment and automated storage and retrieval systems. Warehouse Advantage features cover most of the best practices areas including:

  • ASN Receiving
  • Cross Dock
  • Rules based Put-away
  • Rules based Picking
  • Wave and Load Planning
  • Kitting
  • Labor Management
  • Appointment Scheduling and Yard Management
  • Slotting Optimization
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Quality Control

For managing high volume e-fulfillment, Warehouse Advantage lacks the robust features for unit sorting, active pick, active replenishment and parcel manifesting. For warehouse management and distribution operations, HighJump does get high marks from Gartner and Forester Research. Gartner ranks Warehouse Advantage as a visionary in WMS compared to the competition. Forester has made positive comments on HighJump’s architecture, ability to adapt, product strategy and implementation methodology.

Some of the advantages that HighJump promotes include optimized productivity, warehouse space utilization, quality control to improve accuracy and truck load optimization. Warehouse Advantage supports English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Portuguese. It's worth noting that the advantages HighJump Software promotes are for the most part features of the top tier Warehouse Management System vendors including Manhattan Associates, RedPrairie and Oracle. As to ranking among the best of breed solutions, HighJump ranks high as a WMS solution, but behind Manhattan Associates and RedPrairie for large, complex automated warehouse management operations.

HighJump’s light version is called Warehouse Advantage Express and has a full featured WMS SaaS version called HighJump WMS in the Cloud.

Transportation Management Systems

HighJump’s On Demand TMS (ODTMS) solution covers features for small to midsize operations in North America. ODTMS covers the most basic of Transportation Management System functionality, but lacks the robust features to support international transportation and TMS best practices. In 2010, HighJump announced a partnership with MercuryGate to augment ODTMS international inbound and outbound functionality. ODTMS features include:

  • Transportation Tracking and Alerts
  • Freight Billing, Audits and Payments
  • Freight Claims and Proof of Delivery
  • Less Cost Optimization Engine
  • Carrier and Rate Management
  • Carrier Compliance

Features in top tier TMS solutions not supported by ODTMS include procurement, international support, fleet management, shipment booking and tendering, to name a few. HighJump currently needs to rely on their reseller agreement with MercuryGate to provide advanced TMS functionality. The ODTMS is generally recognized as a second or third tier TMS solution and was dropped from Gartner’s annual Magic Quadrant for TMS solutions in 2010.

Other Supply Chain Execution Solutions

HighJump’s other SCE solutions address ancillary functions having a fairly small foot print in the Supply Chain Execution software space or that address special niche requirements. Solutions include retail distribution to stores, manufacturing execution systems, data collection and EDI.

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