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Supply Chain Software Buyers Guide
All Supply Chain Supply Chain Software Reviews HighJump Review

HighJump Software Review

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HighJump Best Fit and Alternative Software

HighJump Sweet Spot
Short list HighJump Software when you have the following Supply Chain software needs:

  • Mid to large companies with moderate warehouse complexity, limited IT support and a strong Warehouse Management System analysis/engineer that has the time to learn and manage WMS setup and configuration.
  • For companies that are taking a “best of breed” approach for their Supply Chain Management system needs, Warehouse Advantage should be considered for moderately complex requirements.
  • Companies with basic Transportation Management System needs and operations limited to North America.
  • ERP software customers with weak Supply Chain Execution software modules who are looking to upgrade their Warehouse Management System capabilities.
  • Retailers that want to leverage an integrated approach to HighJump’s Store Delivery with HighJump’s WMS and/or TMS solutions.
  • Customers with a Microsoft centric IT shop looking for a high end Warehouse Management System solution based on Microsoft’s technology stack.

Alternative Software Solutions
IT buyers may be best advised to consider alternative supply chain system products:

  • When it comes to comparable Warehouse Management System features, capabilities and best of breed approaches, consider Manhattan Associates, RedPrairie, Tecsys, Accellos and Sterling Commerce.
  • For smaller, less demanding Warehouse Management System needs, Warehouse Advantage can be costly and complex to implement and support. Alternatively, consider HighJump WMS in the Cloud, HighJump Warehouse Advantage Express, RedPrairie’s On Demand WMS, Manhattan’s WMi and SCALE, or Warehouse Management software solutions that are geared toward your industry or niche requirements.
  • If your global needs take you to Europe, consider Oracle’s OTM and JDA’s i2 as an alternative TLM.
  • If you are using SAP or Oracle ERP solutions, their WMS and TMS solutions may be a better fit. Both are mature products that continue to evolve.

Concluding Remarks

HighJump Software is a small company, their technologies are Microsoft centric and they can only provide limited international support; all of which may be concerns for larger companies taking on a mission critical initiative. HighJump, being wholly owned by a venture capital firm, also has an element of uncertainty about their future, and they resist sharing information about the company’s financials and their future plans.

The Warehouse Management System product does get high marks for a visionary approach to warehouse management, providing robust warehouse management functionality, having an innovative software architecture and customer implementation approach. Warehouse Advantage is generally considered in the top 5 WMS products. HighJump’s Transportation Management System is another story; the product is a second tier solution at best and often considered a third tier solution. ODTMS features are largely limited to North American operations and lacking many features of first tier TMS solutions. The fact that HighJump has decided to sell MercuryGate to bolster ODTMS is an affirmation that ODTMS is far from living up to the same billing as their WMS software.

The HighJump Warehouse Management System has a potentially bright future; the unknown is HighJump’s future as a provider of Supply Chain Execution suite. Questions to consider: does HighJump acquire a competitive TMS solution, or does HighJump get acquired for their WMS solution? Or, Perhaps the venture capital firm has other plans.

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HighJump Software Review



Supply Chain Software Buyers Guide

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